About Our Fragances

Fragrance Oils

All of our fragrance oils oils we use are skin safe, paraben & phthalate free complying with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.  In addition our oils undergo a triple check quality assurance program before we will even use fragrances in our products.  Over the last four years we've established a strong relationship with the most reputable fragrance manufacturers in the United States. 

There are two ways to scent soap the first one we’ll talk about is fragrance oils. While they are not considered “natural” there are fragrances our customers love that just cannot be collected naturally or may be overly expensive to extract for soap-making purposes. Love that amazing rose scented soap or holiday pumpkin spice soap? You can only get that true to life scent with our high quality fragrances that are appreciated by both your skin and your nose. 


The other way to scent soap is with essential oils which are natural (depending on your source) which the process extracts scent from a leaf, plant, stem or flower. Our customers with skin sensitivities will be looking for either unscented soap or soap made with essential oils. If we scent a soap with 100% natural essential oil, we specify that clearly in the soaps description. Otherwise you are safe to assume the soap is scented with fragrance. If soap is unscented, we also state that in the description. Even unscented soaps may still have a slight odor that reflects their ingredients, like goat milk, olive oil or cocoa butter.